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How do I know if I need a base with my Plant-It Box?

All of our Plant-It Boxes come with open bottoms as standard. This is so that water can drain directly into the ground.
Should you wish to place it on decking, concrete, etc., then we recommend you order a base to contain the soil and preserve the surface underneath.


How do Plant-It Boxes with bases drain?

We pre-drill drainage holes into our bases unless you specifically request something otherwise.


What material is used to make the base?

For local orders, a Colorbond tray is secured to the bottom of the box. For any flat packed Plant-it Boxes, the tray sits unattached within the box.

Can a box with a base be elevated?

We do not recommend that our boxes are elevated unless specifically purchased that way as we cannot guarantee their structural integrity. Bases are designed to sit directly on the ground.
Should you require a small amount of elevation for drainage, we suggest laying 4-5 evenly spaced timber slats under the box to support the base and soil within.

How do I order a custom Plant-It Box?
Please email us at or fill out the Contact Us form with your measurements and any special requirements. We will respond with a quote and some suggestions.

Do I need to paint or stain the timber of my Plant-It Box?

No, as the pine is treated and the merbau is hardwood. The timber is smooth and sanded so it does not require any preparation should you wish to do so.


Do I need to line my Plant-It Box prior to filling it with soil?

Lining is not required on our boxes as the Colorbond has a protective coating. Merbau is a hardwood so is long lasting in the elements, and we line the inside of the Treated Pine legs to prevent any internal soil-to-wood contact.

Can l move my Plant-It Box once it has been filled?
Any boxes with bases will need to be emptied prior to moving. If your Plant-It Box has an open bottom, you will simply need a shovel and some muscle to lift each bottom corner of the Plant-It Box, and then lift it off, leaving behind the soil.

How much soil is required to fill my Plant-It Box?

That will depend on the size you have purchased. As a guide, our Standard Planter at 160cm long requires approx. 320L of soil. Please contact us directly if you would like us to help you determine how much soil you will require.

Are flat packed Plant-It Boxes easy to assemble?

Yes, and we supply screws and assembly instructions. You are only required to screw together the four sides and we estimate it should take no more than 15 minutes per planter. A drill or Phillips head screw driver is required.

Should I expect movement in the timber?

It is expected that there will be some movement in the top timber edges, predominantly the corners. You may notice in the warmer weather, the timber will dry out and retract slightly. In the wetter weather, it will reabsorb moisture and expand, so the gaps will come closer again. This is an expected outcome of any timber that is out in the elements, especially in the garden. Please be assured that the structural integrity of your Plant-It Box will not be compromised.

What can be done if I require a refund/return?
Plant-It Boxes are all made to order, and as such, we do not accept return or refunds for incorrect measurements or change of mind.
If an issue were to appear, please Contact Us and we will do our best to remedy the issue as customer satisfaction is our priority.

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